The professional homepage

bestHP2 is offering you a professional design of your future Homepage with the ability to change any content by your self, anywhere, anytime and an excellent support. There are also a few extensions available for bestHP2.

This model is based on contemporary joomla-templates, basic masks we use for the start but we programm these and fill them with your special needs and requests. Once you have descided to take bestHP2 we contact you and clarify all details. In the next step you will get a number of selected templates shown where you have to choose one of these you like best and fits best for your needs.In bestHP2 there is no webspace nor domains included. We do not offer any of such services but we help and assist you to get the right things you need and a good provider! We have very good services from partners but you may choose any one. If you already have a webspace and/or domain we can use these after clarification of the technical requirements. (your provider should have PHP/MySQL and databases)