The simple homepage

By taking this option you are just getting a simple homepage - easy, fast and cost efficient. Most interesting for small business and start-ups, music bands, artists and restaurants. This design is compatible to nearly all pc´s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The package bestHP1 includes the setup for the *Domain and the Setup for the required **Webspace as well as the design and art implementation of your wishes for your homepage.
10 well designed sites are included but you may extend the number of sites on your homepage as much as you want. Any extra site, except the 10 included, comes along with a 25,- € production fee.

Taking the simple homepage package does not allow you to change any content by yourself however we can offer you some options to let us do it - just ask for "topicality for my homepage" Usualy we take 5,- to 25,- € per site to be updated depending on the investment. If you intend to change regulary or insist to be able to change your contents by your self than please have look at bestHP2 or bestHP3.

Of course you have your own email-address included e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. too.

bestHP1 does not include any Webspace nor Domains. If you have an already existing webspace with a domain we can take that one but if you would like to change the provider we will also assist you by taking the right one. Please inform us before changing anything or ask for help!

You can find some examples to bestHP1 at "our projects"

*benningstudios does not include any domains
**benningstudios does not include any webspace / mailspace